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Israeli Tech Always Delivers #nomatterwhat ft. Aliza Tamir, Merav Meluban & Sophie Melnik Amitay

An inside look into Startup Nation Central, Viola, and G-CMO's resilient approach in the face of adversity

The Israeli tech industry is a gem of bustling activity and constant innovation. It has weathered numerous storms, proving to be a resilient powerhouse of creativity and revolutionary ideas. In a special gathering, host Yoel Israel brings together Aliza Tamir, CMO at Startup Nation Central, Merav Meluban, VP of Marketing at Viola, and Sophie Melnik Amitay co-founder at G-CMO forum. Together, they discuss the Israeli tech sector's resilience and adaptability in the face of unique current challenges and how that culminated in their recent campaign: "Israeli Tech Always Delivers #nomatterwhat". 

Startup Nation Central: Understanding the Resilience of Israeli Tech

For an industry that has been at the forefront of technological advancements, Startup Nation Central has consistently shown great tenacity and perseverance. Aliza Tamir highlights how the recent campaign, "Israeli tech always delivers" came about. This campaign emerged two and a half months ago, born out of the need to protect their sector during a tumultuous period. Gathering representatives from the Israeli tech sector, they were committed to protecting their robust industry and conveying their narrative worldwide. Ultimately, they aimed for business continuity, equipping their ecosystem with the right messages and tools, and highlighting their capacities in front of their customers. 

Merav Meluban & Viola’s Tenacity Amidst Challenges

Merav Meluban, the Head of Marketing at Viola, provides additional clarification about the campaign's focus. Viola, an Israel-based tech investment group, observed that ensuring business continuity posed a significant challenge for their companies due to employees engaging in reserve duty during the war. Their initial goal was to communicate to investors and customers how they could maintain operations even in challenging circumstances.

To achieve this goal, they proactively collaborated with their counterparts at Startup Nation Central. Recognizing the importance of conveying a unified message, they aimed to demonstrate that business continuity was attainable even amid unpredictable times.

An Agile Israeli Ecosystem

Merav also highlighted that the Israeli tech ecosystem's agility significantly contributed to its ability to overcome challenges. Having previously navigated the hurdles of COVID-associated remote work, they were well-prepared to handle the new crisis brought about by the war against Hamas. The primary difference arose in managing companies with a substantial portion of employees on reserve duty. Nevertheless, Merav believes that the Israeli ecosystem's agility played a crucial role in managing these dynamics, setting them apart on the global stage.

G-CMO – The Backbone of the Israeli Tech Ecosystem

Sophie Melnik Amitay takes a moment to explain the essential role of G-CMO, the Global Chief Marketing Officer forum she co-founded. Over the past five years, G-CMO has served as a central hub for leading CMOs and VPs collaborating with global companies operating from Israel. The forum's primary focus, unsurprisingly, is networking, but it also actively engages in educating the next generation of marketers.

Addressing G-CMO's role during the crisis, Sophie discusses how they took on humanitarian efforts, actively participating in marketing campaigns that supported the local community. G-CMO's strength lies in its collaborative approach, working together to craft a message that reassures its audience that it can deliver regardless of the situation.

Startups Adopting the "Israeli Tech Always Delivers" Campaign

According to Aliza, the industry quickly adopted the "Israeli Tech Always Delivers No Matter What" message. Companies not only embraced the campaign but also demonstrated this commitment by delivering products on schedule, acquiring new investments, and seeing companies merge. The reality is that the campaign's success stemmed from its authenticity. The campaign was not branded – it was open to everyone and represented a strong business message. But the weight of this message was felt because it highlighted that Israeli businesses, regardless of challenging circumstances, remained dedicated to delivering. 

The Future of the Israeli Tech Ecosystem

Looking towards the future, the discussion concludes on a hopeful note, with the panel predicting increased resilience, stronger networks, and a more unified Israeli tech ecosystem. Merav optimistically comments that adversity has, in a way, forced them to improve and outpace their counterparts across the globe. This resilience shows how the Israeli tech industry can take challenges and turn them to their advantage - a lesson in determination applicable to every industry across the world. 

Through the discussions shared by Aliza, Merav, and Sophie, one can't miss the passion, determination, and resilient spirit that characterizes the Israeli tech industry. The phrase 'delivering no matter what' transcends a mere catchy tagline; it embodies a mindset that has guided individuals within the Israeli tech industry through adversity and propelled the industry to innovate, adapt, and thrive.

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