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Innovative Audit Automation: A Conversation with AudITech's Visionaries

In this IsraelTech blog post, we delve into the fascinating journey of AudITech, an Israeli startup revolutionizing the audit and accounting sector through automation and cutting-edge technology. Founded by Eli Edry and Roni Beeri, AudITech is at the forefront of transforming traditional, time-consuming accounting practices into efficient, technology-driven processes.

The Genesis of AudITech

Eli Edry, co-founder of AudITech, brings a wealth of experience from the accounting and IT industries. His journey from serving in the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) to leading roles in prominent accounting firms such as KPMG and PwC laid the foundation for AudITech. Eli's insight into the regulatory and compliance challenges faced by companies fueled his passion for finding a solution, leading to the inception of AudITech.

Roni Beeri, the other half of this dynamic duo, adds to the rich tapestry of AudITech with his diverse background in combat engineering and serving in the IDF's elite submarine unit. His transition from military service to IT consulting, including a stint at PwC, showcases a trajectory marked by leadership and innovation.

Revolutionizing the Audit Process

At the heart of AudITech's mission is the simplification of the audit process through technology. Eli Edry explains that the traditional audit process is manual, time-intensive, and prone to mediocrity. AudITech transforms this by automating much of the work, leveraging technology to provide superior, faster results at a lower cost.

A disruptive force in a traditionally conservative field, AudITech addresses a crucial gap in the market. As Roni Beeri elaborates, while auditing may not have the allure of sectors like AI or cybersecurity, it is essential for every public company, laying fertile ground for innovation.

Navigating Regulatory Challenges

The co-founders also discuss the complex regulatory landscape, particularly the challenges posed by working within heavily regulated industries. Eli highlights the significant influence of the SEC and the impact of Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations, underscoring the importance of understanding and navigating these regulations to deliver effective solutions.

Interestingly, AudITech has won recognition and support from regulatory bodies, including a grant and endorsement from the Israeli Security Authority. This acknowledgment from a regulatory standpoint not only validates AudITech's approach but also bolsters its credibility in the market.

Partnerships and Expansion

The path to growth for AudITech has been characterized by strategic partnerships and a focus on customer satisfaction. Whether serving Israeli giants like Fiverr and Perion or making inroads into the American market, the company emphasizes the delivery of tangible business benefits and adapting to client needs.

Both Eli and Roni stress the importance of listening to customers and evolving the product line to address specific challenges faced by their clients. This approach has not only allowed AudITech to deepen its relationship with existing clients but also to continuously expand its offering and explore new market sectors.

AudiTech Looking Ahead

As AudITech continues to thrive and expand its footprint, both domestically and internationally, the co-founders remain committed to their vision of making audit automation simple and accessible. With a keen focus on technology's role in reinventing auditing and accounting, Eli Edry and Roni Beeri are undoubtedly leading AudITech to new heights of success.

In essence, AudITech is not just automating processes; it's redefining an industry. Through innovative technology, a deep understanding of regulatory intricacies, and a relentless focus on customer needs, Eli Edry and Roni Beeri are paving the way for a new era in audit and accounting.

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