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"Fully Committed: Teamwork, Ambition & Agility" ft. Judah Taub from @hetzventures

In this engaging IsraelTech episode, we hosted Judah Taub, Managing Partner of Hetz Ventures. Live from their impressive office in Sarona, Judah offers invaluable insights into venture capital (VC) dynamics, startup culture, and the Israeli tech ecosystem. Here’s a deep dive into the exciting world of Hetz Ventures, its unique operational approach, and Judah's personal journey.

Inside Hetz Ventures: Ambition and Agility

Established and led by Judah Taub, Hetz Ventures stands out in the crowded field of venture capital through its distinctive DNA. It’s not just another VC firm; it’s a nexus of entrepreneurial ambition, agility, and relentless focus on innovation. 

The Unique DNA of Hetz Ventures


Judah emphasizes the unique culture within Hetz Ventures:

- Startup DNA: Every member of Hetz Ventures has a startup background and a passion for innovation. Judah elaborates on how each team player, if not at Hetz, would be at a startup contributing to building cutting-edge technologies.

- Transparency and Collaboration: Hetz Ventures operates with an exceptionally transparent and collaborative approach. Decisions are made collectively with open brainstorming sessions, starkly contrasting the typically opaque decision-making processes of traditional VCs.

- Technical Prowess: Most of Hetz's investment team comprises former engineers who have managed teams and written code. This technical acumen fosters confidence and comfort among startup founders who interact with them.

Strategic Investments with Personal Touch

Judah explains Hetz's investment strategy, highlighting their focus on leading early-stage investments. The firm has made around 35 investments so far, mostly being the first money in, ranging from $250,000 to $5.5 million. These investments are predominantly in sectors like cybersecurity, data, AI, machine learning, and engineering.

Moreover, Hetz Ventures prides itself on its robust network. Over 50% of the founders they invest in come recommended by other Hetz entrepreneurs, facilitating a reliable and quality-driven referral system.

The Story of the Office Space

An amusing yet insightful anecdote Judah shares is about securing their prime office space during the early days of COVID-19. Due to the pandemic's uncertain times and strategic maneuvers, they landed a fantastic deal, reaffirming the firm’s knack for seizing the best opportunities even amidst global challenges.

Judah Taub: Visionary Leadership and Startup Success

Intertwining with the company’s narrative, Judah Taub’s vibrant leadership style and storied background have significantly infused Hetz Ventures with its core values and vision.

Judah's journey began in the UK but soon led to Israel, where he developed a deep understanding of the venture capital landscape. His experience at Lansdowne, a hedge fund, where he interacted with future founders and scientists, was a turning point. It revealed the immense potential of ideas and helped Judah realize the need for a new kind of venture firm, leading to the creation of Hetz Ventures.

A Model of New-Age VC

Poised at the helm of Hetz Ventures, Judah emphasizes several innovative approaches:

- Holistic Founder Support: Judah places significant importance on interacting with founders early in their journey. Hetz provides founders with hands-on assistance, valuable feedback, and critical introductions to potential customers.

- Strategic Storytelling: Judah recommends founders present their vision by telling their story backwards—from where they see themselves in the future to how they plan to get there. This approach ensures alignment and clarity in realizing the big picture.

- Local Maximum Concept: Judah’s upcoming book discusses the idea of "Local Maximum," guiding individuals and companies to recognize local peaks in their journey and strive towards higher, global maximums for greater success.

A Deep Dive into the Tech Ecosystem

Evolving Trends and Future Predictions

Judah touches on significant future trends impacting the global and Israeli tech ecosystems, especially concerning VC funding and geopolitical influences. With the increasing polarization of global markets, there are profound implications on where capital is sourced and invested.

The Path Ahead: Embracing Technology and Innovation

Judah discusses revolutionary technologies like nuclear fusion and CRISPR technology and their potential impacts on industries and societies, highlighting Israel's position as a critical player in these innovations. He emphasizes the importance of continued investment in cutting-edge technologies for a sustainable future.

Inclusivity and Integration in Tech

Judah underscores the need for greater inclusivity in Israel’s tech ecosystem, focusing on integrating diverse communities such as the Ethiopian and ultra-Orthodox populations. He believes leveraging the untapped potential within these groups can drive substantial growth and innovation.


Judah Taub and Hetz Ventures are reshaping the VC landscape with their ambitious, agile, and collaborative approach. Their focus on fostering a startup culture, providing strategic support to innovators, and embracing inclusivity sets them apart as a formidable force in Israel’s tech ecosystem.

Stay innovative, stay ambitious, and follow Hetz Ventures as they continue to elevate startup success and drive transformative change. 

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