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Fostering Cybersecurity in Business Transactions with Panorays: An Exclusive Interview with Co-founder Demi Ben-Ari

The world of cybersecurity is vast, complex, and rapidly evolving, but what is it about Israel's tech sector that positions it at the forefront of global cybersecurity solutions? The answer lies within the unique military background, strong networking capabilities, and a rich culture of partnerships. In a conversation with Yoel Israel, Demi Ben-Ari, the co-founder and CTO of Panorays, delves into these factors and more, illustrating the secret behind the company's swift rise to prominence in the cybersecurity landscape.

The Genesis of Panorays

When asked to unpack the origin story of Panorays, Ben-Ari harks back to a shared military service experience with his co-founders, back in 2016. The connection seeded within Israel's military unit Ofek, the software unit of the Israeli Air Force, became the foundation stone for Panorays. They realized that their shared past and the familiarity of working together was a powerful synergy, giving birth to Panorays. 

The Journey from Ideation to Creation

Unpacking how Panorays transitioned from an idea into a fully realized enterprise, Ben-Ari explained the core drive behind Israeli entrepreneurs - an innate desire to solve complex problems and build things. The process was initiated by defining what they wanted to create and identifying problematic areas in their industry. They identified the cybersecurity threat that emerges with vast digital transformations as a noteworthy issue to address. 

Panoray's Core Mission

The mission of Panorays is to create a process that mitigates the substantial risk that comes in the domain of cybersecurity. They have developed a technology called Panorays SAS platform that enables all-sized customers to engage securely and drive their businesses. 

Building a Diverse and Cohesive Team at Panorays

Recognizing the team as a fundamental building block for Panorays' success, Ben-Ari believes that the inherent diversity in Israel, a fusion of different cultures, is a key contributor to the special and fruitful environment at Panorays. A large part of this team building comes from the shared experiences of military service as well as the united Israeli identity. 

Overcoming Challenges Through Networking and Partnerships

No entrepreneurial journey is without its challenges, and for Panorays, the strength to overcome these came through strong networking and forming effective partnerships. Forging effective relationships was key, followed by being able to assess their weaknesses and seeking help where necessary. Being transparent and receptive to external input was instrumental in effectively utilizing these networks.

Effectively Handling Third-Party Risks

One of Panoray's biggest assets lies in its unique approach to mitigating third-party risks. By combining deep tech in cybersecurity with insightful AI capabilities, they have built an engine capable of evaluating the cybersecurity posture of third-party entities, without needing to install anything on-site. By streamlining and simplifying the process, companies can better manage their cyber risk, making the digital business world a safer place. 

As a concluding note, Ben-Ari underscores the importance of fostering resilience in tough times and turning every 'No' into a potential 'Yes' further down the line. In every mistake lies a learning opportunity, and with this mindset, businesses are better equipped to convert potential failures into victories. Through a combination of strong networking, unique cybersecurity solutions, and an unwavering determination to solve complex problems, Panorays is truly setting the pace in the world of cybersecurity.

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