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Conquering U.S. Sales Tax Compliance with Technology: A Chat with Alexander Tilkin

In a world where podcasts and interviews normally follow a certain pattern and topics, we find ourselves in a conversation with a different essence. Besides the usual business talk and inquiries into professional backgrounds, this interview with Alexander Tilkin, the CTO and co-founder of Complyt, delves into the fabric of startups, and problem-solving processes, and uncovers truths about the entrepreneurial world.

At the core of the discussion, we dive into the operations of Complyt, a company that simplifies sales tax compliance - a significant problem for businesses in the United States.

An Intriguing Solution to a Tedious Problem

For most companies, tax compliance is time-consuming and often considered an unpleasant task. Between the paperwork, dealing with accountants, administering accounts receivable and payable, and liaising with tax authorities, it's a massive operation that can subtract valuable resources from building and growing the business itself.

Enter Complyt, a solution that offers to tackle these hurdles for businesses while introducing a new perspective in handling these responsibilities.

Integrating with Complyt's products means your business sits back while they compute sales tax on transactions, compile filings for various states, manage certificate exemptions, and provide professional services for advanced tax-related issues. 

From Yoel Israel's perspective, companies will significantly benefit from an investment in Complyt. But why would they choose this startup over established and mature players in the market? The secret lies in the company's approach to business, technology, and even company culture.

A Builder's Mindset: Success Through Problem-Solving

For startups, identifying and then solving a problem is an innate part of their DNA. As Tilkin puts it, "You just need to listen to people." By being in tune with this advice, the team at Complyt has developed their enterprise software grounded on the principle of "listening to people's problems''. This approach forms a large part of their business strategy, helping them identify gaps in the industry and find opportunities for new enterprise solutions.

The innovation at Complyt isn't limited to product development. It permeates through the organization's hiring practices too. Unlike others who hire experienced senior engineers, Complyt started their team with younger talent. The idea behind this approach was that young engineers, while not having as much professional experience, brought fresh perspectives, hard work, and a keen willingness to learn and contribute.

Dedicating Time to Professional Learning 

Believing in the potential of his team and the importance of continuous learning, Tilkin says that he always encourages his team to continually update their skills by doing online courses. Furthermore, "Engineers must work with the whole company, not just their manager", says Tilkin, fostering a work culture and a learning environment driven by collaboration, connectivity, and extensive knowledge-sharing.

Embracing Innovation & Growth 

Fueled by this innovative environment, Complyt is committed to expanding its business and enhancing its products. The team is especially focused on improving its sales tax rates engine and ensuring it remains competitive. 

Continuous innovation is the goal at Complyt, a mindset that furthers its vision of becoming a leading provider of sales tax compliance solutions for businesses around the world. The idea, of course, is not just about growing bigger but becoming better “we’re always looking for ways to improve and aim higher”.

In Conclusion

As a closing note, the conversation with Alexander Tilkin reveals an insightful peek into the workings of a successful startup, from tackling a significant business problem to executing a disruptive solution, all while promoting an inclusive and collaborative environment. It clearly demonstrates how startups can indeed challenge and disrupt established players, and emphasizes the need for continuous learning, innovation, and maintaining an unbending will to find solutions, no matter the circumstances. 

Truly, the story of Complyt is a tale of startup success, guided by dedication, ambition, and innovation, with a promising future of continuous growth and leading-edge solutions in the sales tax compliance landscape.

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